Dice Sheets

When I GM, I often do so in my rec room, sitting in an easy chair, rather than at a table. At such times, rolling large amounts of dice can be problematic, particularly with systems that use a dice pool. With most systems there is typically some mental activity required to interpret the dice (looking for sets, checking how many are over a threshold, adding them all up, etc.) that can be time consuming and/or taxing when one is running - for example - a combat with a large number of NPCs. It's fine for the players - they only need to keep track of one character - but sometimes the GM can use a bit of help.

So, I use dice sheets in most of my games (yes, the players still use dice). These are HTML pages with Javascript that generates random results for whatever game I am running and does some basic interpretation (identifies matches in ORE, totals the result for FATE, etc.) I usually print out a couple of new pages before a game. Anyone is welcome to use these; you can even save them webpage to your PC. Just hit the refresh button on your browser to generate a new page of random results. I recommend adjusting the Page Setup settings of your browser before printing them out as some sheets put a lot on one page; margins of 0.3 inches and no header or footer works fine.

If anyone is interested in creating new dice sheets for systems not listed below, then feel free. I'll happily add them to the list if you send me a copy.

Ars Magica
Godlike (ORE)
Scion (Heroic only)
Scion (Heroic and Extras)
Savage Worlds
Spirit of the Century (FATE)
Silver Age Sentinels (Tri-Stat d10)
Unknown Armies (%)