Here Be Tygers

Yes, I still haven't gotten around to making this page any prettier, I've been busy. If my real-world and gaming obligations permit, I shall some day replace this with a more pleasing design. Still, it's better than nothing, and you're probably more interested in the content anyway. The following are a few of my Godlike odds and ends that others may find useful. Comments and questions to

Mark Cummins

Rules and Tools

House Rules
A few house rules that others may find useful. Alternate armor, skill packages and sundry variations.


Dice Roll Sheet
When I referee Godlike, I use a pre-generated sheet of dice rolls to speed up my side of things. This page will randomly generate a page of 10d10 rolls and identify the matches. It's Javascript-based, so saving it to your PC will work just fine. Just hit refresh to generate a new batch of numbers.



The Rats and the Shrike
North Africa, 1941
I wrote this as the first scenario for my gaming group, to kick off our Godlike campaign. The Talents take part in the first SAS commando mission, on the eve of Operation CRUSADER; their target, an enemy airfield and an experimental aircraft.
4/1/2005 - minor revisions

Future Imperfect
North Africa, 1941
Another North Africa scenario, involving the race to foil a plot to assassinate Churchill during his 1941 visit to Cairo.

A Line in the Sand
North Africa, 1942
My new North Africa campaign kicks off with this scenario. Set along the Gazala Line during Operation VENEZIA, it will cover eighteen days from the start of the offensive, through the hell of the Cauldron, to the defense of Bir Hacheim and the breakout.
Part One: May 26th to 28th
5/26/2005 - Happy Gazala day! Posted Part One. Weighing in at 1.4MB of gritty goodness. Part Two will be forthcoming after I've run the players through it.

Ares Rising
Greece, 1942
The Talents travel to Greece on an SOE mission to enlist the aid of the fractious Greek resistance to destroy the Gorgopotomos rail bridge.

In Fierce Tempest
Normandy, 1944
The Talents join the British forces for the assault on Gold Beach during Operation OVERLORD, and find the resistance tougher than expected. I started writing this for the ArcDream 2004 D-Day competition, but it got away from me and overran the word limit. It's a nice little scenario with which to introduce your Talents to Normandy.
4/1/2005 - Revisions and additions to the strangeness

Storming the Ramparts
Normandy, 1944
The D-Day landings are in peril, unless the Talents can silence the guns of Longues-sur-Mer. My actual ArcDream 2004 D-Day competition entry, complete with Nazi dwarf.
4/1/2005 - Added a new scene to the opening act, amended Hofstetter and the Krab